Why are your wines low-alcohol?

Great question! First, let's be perfectly clear: Alcohol is toxic. So are water and oxygen in the wrong dose. Dosage matters.

That being said, most of us drink alcohol. It's part of our environment and culture. Not only is it highly pleasurable, but also there are some real benefits to drinking alcohol in the right dose.

Those include...

  • A sense of euphoria. It lifts our spirit and makes us feel good!
  • An expansion of our creative development and expression. It lowers our inhibition and helps clear our mind of the trauma of thinking, giving our true creative potential the space to flourish.
  • An enhancement of the culinary experience. Our wines pair especially well with food. The low-alcohol dosage allows the food to express itself as the wine rounds out the flavor. Also, sharing a glass of wine with a meal is a joyous, social event! 
  • A deeper sense of connection. It encourages us to be vulnerable, and this vulnerability creates deeper bonds with the people we love.

Like we said, though, dosage matters. If you drink too much, the negatives outweigh the positives. It’s well-documented that large quantities of alcohol adversely affect your brain development and bodily functions. And we all know how bad those headaches and hangovers feel after a few too many drinks!

This is why it's important to start with lower alcohol. Low alcohol wines allow you to enjoy the benefits and taste of wine throughout the evening without experiencing the negatives. 

At Dry Farm Wines, we drink a few glasses every night and we're all in the gym early in the morning! We cherish this balance of indulgence and hard work! 

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