What is the status of my order?

You can always check the status of your order in one of two places:

  1. Your online account (if you have a membership with us); or
  2. The status emails we send after you order.

Typically, our orders take 1-2 business days to pack by hand. Then, we ship boxes via ground shipping from our warehouse in Napa, California. Orders to West Coast addresses take 1-3 business days in transit, whereas orders to the East Coast take 5-7.

We send the following status emails so you can keep track of your order:

  1. Order confirmation as soon as you place your order
  2. Order shipped with tracking information so you can follow along
  3. Order out for delivery to remind you exactly when the wines will be delivered

Of course, if you ever need any assistance finding an order, you can always email us: service@dryfarmwines.com !

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