Are your wines dry?

At Dry Farm, we lab-test our wines to ensure the highest purity possible. We only feature wines that are sugar-free, carb-free, and mold-free. They contain less than 1g/L of total sugars, and that small amount of sugar is naturally occurring. So in the technical sense, our wines are “dry” because they contain no residual sugar. 

However, the dryness of our wines is unlike anything you've ever tasted. It's not comparable to a dry conventional wine because our wines are vibrant and alive, filled with a complexity and variety of textures that you can only get without synthetic chemicals.

When a wine naturally ages in oak or soaks in grape skins, tannins build in the wine. These tannins give your mouth the sensation of "dryness," as if some moisture is being sucked out of your gums. Our wines vary immensely in tannic structure. While some are more tannic and crisp, leaving a pleasurable, mouthwatering sensation in your mouth, others are less tannic and burst with smooth fruit on the palette. We love being able to share all these varieties with you!  

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