Can you ship to every state?

We can ship wine to most states, but certain states prevent us from shipping alcohol altogether. 

We can NOT ship to: Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Utah. 

This is not our decision, and we're grateful for the opportunity to try and solve the problem. We wish we could ship our Natural Wines to these states, but right now, the law prevents us from doing so.

You have our word that we are working hard to get the proper licensing so we can ship to these states in the future.

That said, we still want to serve you whenever possible. Here are a few options for how you can still get our wines...

Ship to a neighboring state.

If you have a friend or relative in a neighboring state, we can ship wines to them for you to pick up. Or, we can ship to a UPS store in a neighboring state. Just use this out-of-state address for your shipping information.

Ship while traveling.

If you’re traveling out of state, email us and we’ll ship wine to meet you at your destination! Our email is

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