How many calories are in your wines?

Typically, calories in food and drink come from four main sources: fat, protein, carbohydrates, and alcohol. 

In general, our natural wine doesn't have statistically significant amounts of fat and protein. On top of that, we independently lab-test our wines to make sure they are statistically sugar- and carb-free. This means that every single one of our wines contains less than 1g/L of total sugars (including fructose and glucose), and any amount of sugar found in the wine is naturally occurring, not artificially added.  

Given this unique profile, the calories in our wine only come from the alcohol content, and we make sure our alcohol content is much lower than conventional wines. While a typical domestic wine can get up to 18% alcohol by volume, we don’t accept levels about 12.5%. And, we carry a range of wines as low as 9.5%.

So, depending on the alcohol content, a 5 ounce glass of our natural wine would contain between 90 - 105 calories. 

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